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Hey New Friend —  

I’m Cindy, and I’m so glad you stopped by.  I think I already know you (at least a little bit), but let’s see . . .

•   You’ve spent the last _______ years (fill in the blank) in a windowless cube, the corner office, or somewhere in between, and now it’s YOUR time! 

•   You may be approaching your 40th, 50th, or 60th birthday . . . life is changing.   

•   It’s time to launch your dream and flex your creative muscle. 

Am I right?

Everything you need is right in front of you!

The good news is . . . everything you need is right in front of you.  You have a lifetime of experience to pour into this venture, and your marketplace (the Internet) is waiting.   The keys to incredible freedom, flexibility, and success are in your hands when you kick off those heels, change out of your corporate garb, and move forward as a new entrepreneur.  What an adventure!

Maybe you know exactly what you should do to get started – and maybe you have no clue!  Either way, it’s exciting, challenging – and scary!

You want a beautiful website – and you want it RIGHT NOW, right? But the tech is daunting, and you don’t want to spend hours learning geek-speak.  You just want to show the world that you’ve stepped away from Corporate America and are ready to feed your soul in your own creative biz. 

Or, maybe you don’t even need a full website.  You just love to write and know that a blog would be perfect to craft a legacy of family stories for your children.  This shouldn’t be too difficult, right?  Well, actually, you’re right.  It doesn’t have to be.  

If you’re a biz newbie and don’t yet have a website – or if it’s just bland and boring and you want to make it gorgeous – think about this:

You can

✔  Quickly have a website or blog that’s polished and professional.

✔  Forget about learning a bunch of tech skills.

✔  Stop berating yourself because you’ve lost your patience.

✔  Have all this at an affordable price.

This is how I can help . . .

web and digital design for savvy women launching their Second Act

Web Design

We’ll design a simple website or blog for you that’s beautiful and professional.  A site that can grow with you as your business grows.  Because a stodgy, out-of-date website serves no one, and who wants to pay someone else every time you need a change?  Learn More

web and digital design for savvy women launching their Second Act

Website Maintenance

If you just want to work in your business and never think about backups and spam and hackers and outdated plugins, etc. etc., we can help with that too.  We’ll keep it all cleaned up, updated, and off your mind.   Learn More

web and digital design for savvy women launching their Second Act

Digital Design

We’re specialists in producing professional papers that are engaging and attractive.  We do what it takes to make certain your communication is clear, your docs look professional, and you look good!   Learn More

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What do you have to lose except a website that makes you cringe and a To-Do List that keeps growing? 

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