I’m always looking for and testing ideas that will save either time or money or increase my productivity.  Google Chrome’s extensions are perfect for this – most of the time they do all three.  Win-win-win!  Here’s a link to the Google’s extension store; you might find some more that work for you.

This is my list of 14 all-time favorites that I use all the time . . . and they’re all free!

  1. Adobe Acrobat –  Converts your current web page to an Adobe PDF file (Windows only).
  2. Bitly – Shortens, measures, and optimizes your links.
  3. ColorPick Eyedropper – Choose and match colors from a page on any website; provides the hex color to help you create your brand.
  4. Email Tracking for Gmail and Inbox  – Determine which emails have been read, how long ago, and how many times.
  5. Font Picker – Find fonts on a webpage by hovering over the text.
  6. Full Page Screen Capture – Capture a screenshot of an entire page.  Download as png or pdf.
  7. Grammarly for Chrome – Find your grammar errors as well as spelling, punctuation, and more.  Even the best of us can overlook these errors – especially when proofreading our own work.
  8. LastPass – Saves your passwords and give you secure access from every computer and mobile device.  A lifesaver for me!
  9. Loom – Capture, narrate, and instantly share videos for better, friendlier communication.
  10. OneTab – Converts all your open tabs into one tab.  Saves up to 95% of memory.
  11. Pinterest Save Button – Pin anything to your Pinterest boards.
  12. Share link via email – Find an article you want to save or share and send it via your own email account with the article’s URL, the selected text, and page title.
  13. Video Speed Controller – Allows you to speed up, slow down, advance, and rewind the videos you want to watch but are too long.
  14. Web Inspector – Allows you to identify from a website a specific font, color, or image size.

Give one — or all of them — a try and see what you think.   I’d love to know which ones work for you, and if you have a different favorite, please let me know in the comments below.  And, you can read more Techie Tips right here.



I’d love for you to pin the image below to Pinterest. 


And if you’re just getting started building your site, (or revamping a current one), don’t forget your Website Planning Toolkit.


  1. I have heard about and use a few of these. One that I use is Keyword Tool Dominator. I just started recently. You get 3 free searches per tool, like from YouTube and Bing, I got a bunch of high-ranking long tail keywords for my topics.

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