You’ve read it everywhere – at least 100 times.  You know that you MUST build your email list.  You even understand WHY:  this is the only thing you really own about your online business.  (If the Internet, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest all disappeared tomorrow, you’d still have your list, right?)  But how are you actually supposed to do this?

One of the easiest and best ways to start and grow your email list is with a freebie (your opt-in.)  This is what you’re giving potential clients in exchange for their email address.  And, it can be anything you want to share that contains value.  It can be in any format you choose – PDF, video, spreadsheet, checklist, etc. – and you really do have to make it impressive.  After all, you’re asking your reader to share their email address.  (Think about your own inbox.  Would you want to share that space for more fluff?)  It needs to provide valuable content, answer their questions, provide a solution to a problem – in other words, EPIC!

So, you’ve worked on this opt-in. And you’re convinced it’s good.  Really good!  The content is vital, the design is stellar, and you know it will be helpful.  So, now what?   You have to share it – on your website, on social media, in emails, etc.  Everywhere.

Oh, one more thing before you declare it “final.”  Be sure to include contact information and a link to your website on it.  Many people will download a doc with good intentions of reading it immediately.  But then, life gets in the way, and when they find your freebie, they need to know the source.  How else will they be able to get in touch?

Once you’ve finished your freebie, share it Internet-wide.  Download The Ultimate Checklist for Sharing Your Opt-in for some sharing suggestions.

•   Create a landing page and deliver the opt-in through your ESP.   Include a screenshot so your readers can see what they’re getting.

•  On your website.

•  In your navigation bar.

•  On your menu.

•  On your About page. (This is claimed to be the most popular page of a website!)

•  As a CTA in your blog posts.

•  As a link when you comment on another website or SM post.

•  As a guest post (be sure to get permission first).

•  In all your email signatures.

•  With your email subscribers and ask them to share it again.

•  Include in your evergreen posts. (Learn how to schedule these posts automatically.)

•  On your social media accounts


•  add the link to your landing page

•  share the link in the caption

•  create a mockup of your opt-in and share in an image post


•  Create a mockup with an image of your opt-in (sized for Pinterest)

•  Include a link to your opt-in as the image link

Facebook Groups

•  Share in FB groups on appropriate promotion threads. (Be sure to read the rules before promoting.)


•  Make a few posts linking to your opt-in

•  Make a “click to tweet” link from your website

Where do you share your opt-ins?  Have you discovered some new or different places?  Please share in the comments below.  We ALL want to know.   🙂

You can download your Checklist right here.


I’d love for you to pin the image below to Pinterest.   

And if you’re just getting started building your site, (or revamping a current one), don’t forget your Website Planning Toolkit.



  1. Shani says:

    Ok so I have a question, I have a landing page, and it is for my Pre-Sale E-book. Should I make a separate list to have attached to the email, so I am not confused on who wants what?
    Oh and love the post, just a little issue with your header in the way, if you have a way to close it I couldn’t find it sorry. I wear glasses and have to have everything bigger, my computer is set to 125%.

    • Cindy Lee says:

      I think I’d make a separate segment, depending on which ESP you use. Then you can determine who’s actually requesting your E-Book. And I’m sorry you had difficulty with the post. Was it in the blog on the landing page? I just made a couple changes and looked at it in 125% and 150% and it seems to be ok from here. If you still cannot access the checklist, let me know and I’ll email it directly. Thanks for your input.

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