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How to Get More Eyes on Your Website

The internet has an insatiable appetite for information. Billions of searches are conducted every single day looking for everything from how to bake an apple pie to why zebras have stripes. For anyone who does business online, these searches represent a steady flow of potential customers who are looking for what you have to offer. …

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Is Your Website Working as Hard as You?

When you were building your website awhile ago, you made sure that it represented your brand and spoke to your peeps.  It was pretty, and you struggled over the wording to be sure it sent the right message.  But, sometimes as a business grows, it can veer off in a slightly (or considerably) different direction, …

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How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page

A Great Startup Website!

Ok – so now you’ve got your business set up, and you’re ready to let the world know about it.  You know you need a website, but, really, what does a good website look like?   And panic sets in . . . a website – OMG!  What should it include?  How many pages?  What’s …

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