When you were building your website awhile ago, you made sure that it represented your brand and spoke to your peeps.  It was pretty, and you struggled over the wording to be sure it sent the right message.  But, sometimes as a business grows, it can veer off in a slightly (or considerably) different direction, and maybe things are not exactly aligned anymore.

Is Your Website Secure?

Do you sometimes wonder – o.k. OFTEN wonder – if your site is secure?  If it includes everything it should to keep your readers engaged and find what they need?  When you’re backing it up (you do that frequently, right?) do you also look for broken links and verify that your contact form and CTA forms work properly?  If you’re not sure about everything you should be monitoring, download this FREE checklist, and when you’re doing your weekly maintenance, be sure to test these items.

Click HERE to download your free checklist. 

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