Choosing to work with a VA for the first time can be a difficult decision.   You’ll need to learn to let go of some tasks and trust that they will be completed efficiently.  If you’ve decided to give it a try, please consider these points for selecting a VA who’s qualified, trustworthy, and friendly.  After talking together, you should feel confident that she is resourceful and will give you guidance and peace of mind. 

Your potential VA should have

    Verifiable references 

    Experience and skills that are suitable for your needs

    Up-to-date knowledge of technology and software 

    A secure computer, with virus protection, and used only by her

    An office area that’s quiet and appropriate for conducting business

    A personality that’s friendly, professional, and flexible

    Passion for the work she does

 What Does This Cost?  

When you’re making your decision to work with a VA and determining the cost, be certain you’re comparing apples to apples. 

As with most things in life, there are many variables.  Try this analogy:  when you’re shopping in a physical location, you can choose whether to patronize a big box store, a shop in the mall or a smaller boutique.  Generally, you know ahead of time that the price (and sometimes the quality) of your merchandise will vary.  Customer service, personalized attention, and clear communication will also be different.  The same is true for choosing assistance for your administrative tasks. 

You have several choices:

  1. Outsource the project to one of the many websites utilizing workers from around the world. Consider carefully the quality, skill set, customer service, and communication challenges you may encounter.   There are inherent risks, but the advantage is the cheap cost. 
  2. Hire an in-house assistant. Here, you should keep in mind the added expense to provide training, benefits, and physical space.  The advantage here is that you always have someone at hand, but do you really want the expense of an employee when the assistance you need is intermittent and/or requires greater expertise. 
  3. Contract with a virtual assistant who’s already an expert in many software packages. She’s experienced, pays her own benefits, and works from her own space.  She’s invested in your satisfaction because your success is HER success.  A VA is working WITH you.  She’s a partner with a skill set that’s superior, and you’re paying ONLY for the hours need. 

Check out our comparison of the costs for working with an in-house assistant and a VA. 

How Is A VA Paid?  

Most VAs will take some combination of check, credit card, or PayPal. This should definitely be discussed in your initial meeting.There are several ways a VA is paid, but generally speaking, payment is handled by one of these methods:

  Hourly: You decide the assistance you need, and you’re billed an hourly rate.

  Package: A package is usually a combination of several like-minded services that are bundled together.  For example, a “newsletter package” may include designing and layout, sourcing the images for that publication, updating the mailing list, and blasting it out through an email service.  That newsletter package includes several different items and is purchased as one unit rather than paying for each task individually or an hourly basis. 

  Retainer: You can buy a bucket of hours for work to be done within a specific time period.  (For instance, you might pay for 10 hours of work per month.)  The retainer is usually paid at the beginning of the month.  Some VAs allow any unused hours to roll over; others do not. 

  Project: This is generally used for larger tasks that may need to evolve over time.  (Such as building a website.)  The cost of the project is decided ahead of time, and a deposit is paid.  The balance is paid upon delivery of the work.

Do I Have To Sign A Contract?  

Yes, definitely. The contract protects both parties.  The terms of the contract (the work to be done and cost to do it) are negotiated once you decide to move ahead.

In most cases, you don’t need to make a long-term commitment unless you choose to reserve that specific amount of time.  Doing so would, of course, ensure that your projects are completed on time.  

How Do I Know If This Will Work For Me?   

You’ll just have to jump in!  Purchase a small package of hours to start, delegate some tasks, and enjoy a little freedom.  We think you’ll love those extra hours and peace of mind.  Many VAs will offer a trial period to be certain it’s a good fit. 

How Do I Find The Perfect VA For My Business? 

You already did!  DETAILS SimplyDone would love to work with you.  Please get in touch and tell us how we can help.  We offer a free 20-minute consultation to be sure we’re the perfect match.  After that, we’re all set!  

We’re prepared to help you save time, money, and a lot of frustration.   Are you ready to let go of that headache?

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