how to find content for blog post

Are you struggling to find content for your blog posts?  Do you wonder what to write about on social media?  Sometimes it seems like I have thirty-three ideas floating around in my head, but then when I sit down to write, my brain turns to oatmeal.  Someone offered these suggestions to me a while ago, and while it doesn’t solve the problem all the time, the ideas have often been helpful as a kickstarter.

  1. Write a post telling the most important things your audience needs to know about you or your services/ product.
    1. Format this as a list post, using a number in the headline, i.e. “7  Surprising Things to Know About XYZ.”
    2. Then, use the headline as the subject for an email to your list.
  2. Explain the easiest way to get a job (any job!) done.  Format this like #1 above using the number as a headline and subject for your emails.
  3. Think about the questions you’re asked most often regarding your service or product.
    1. Write two versions of this post:  a short one to include on your FAQ page, and a longer one as a guest post.
    2. Link them together and link to your About page.
  4. Are there questions that your audience SHOULD ask you?
    1. Write a post with your best advice.
    2. Include target key phrases such as “How to XXX
  5. Show your audience how to solve their problems without your help.
    1. Publish a DIY guidebook. (If you don’t, your peeps are likely to find the information somewhere else.)
    2. Make the guide an easy step-by-step roadmap.  Use language that’s casual and friendly — as if you were just talking a friend through the process.
  6. Talk about the tools you use all the time and how they’ve helped you.  Compare different brands if you’ve recently switched.
    1. Write a roundup post of your top tools and techniques.  Share any tips you’ve discovered while using these tools.
    2. Use a number (as in #1 above) in your headline and again in the subject of your emails.
    3. Link back to your services page
  7. Tell your passion story.  Why do you love what you do?  How did you get started?  Link this to your About page and to your social networks.
  8. Check your social media.  Are there comments or questions you can compile into a post, list post, roundup or maybe an infographic?
  9. Rewrite an old post from your blog.   You already have the topic and primary focus of the content so it will take less effort than it would if you were starting from scratch. Reworking your older content can improve your overall results.
  10. Hire a guest post from within your industry.  Proofread it carefully for quality links as well as the usual spelling/grammar/syntax.  Remember that this is directly reflecting your business.

How do you generate content?  Do your ideas just pop into your brain or do you struggle with this?  Please comment below if you’ve found something that helps you.  We would ALL appreciate the help.





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