A Facebook business page is a crucial tool for your business. It is a great and free way to market your business and interact with your customers and client base. There are many details to setting your business page up successfully. So, in this post, I’m going to help you navigate through the confusion.

Create a Page

Do not try to run your business from your personal Facebook page. To do business on Facebook, you must create a business page. And trust me — you want to! I know that you may see many people advertising their business through their personal pages, but it is a true disadvantage to their business. Facebook gives business pages incredible insights into marketing that you do not want to miss.

Your Cover Photo is your Billboard

Imagine the cover photo is your billboard. Use Canva (www.canva.com) to create original images that quickly convey your brand and business. Consider mobile users, and place all critical information in the center of the photo. Like all photos on Facebook, you can click this image and add a caption. Utilize this precious space! Put your mission statement, your bio, the history of your company, and links to your email and website here. Your options are endless! Pixel sizes are constantly changing on Facebook, so rather than memorizing one set of pixel sizes add a pixel ruler as a chrome extension. This will allow you to always have the perfect size photo despite changes, but that being said, as of July 2017 the pixel size for the cover photo is 820×312.

Make it Easy

When building your Facebook page, consider your customers and clients. Your clientele should easily be able to tell what type of business or service you provide.

Ask yourself these questions.

  • Is my website address easily found?
  • Is it obvious what products or services I offer?
  • Does this page look like my brand?
  • Will customers or clients find value or entertainment by being here?

Considering these questions will ensure that your page is efficient for your customers and clients.

Use the Insights

One of the amazing features of a Facebook business page is the Insights tab. Click there, and you’ll see detailed data about your reach, engagement, and target audience. Using this as a tool to streamline your marketing will help your business reach its targeted customer base with little effort on your part.

Your Facebook business page is going to help grow your customer and client base, and allow you to build a relationship with them. Using this tool in the right way will add tremendous value to your business. If you need assistance with your business, reach out.  I’m here to help.

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